Corona Chronicles: Voices from the Field: Mexico



Los Albergues para Migrantes en el Contexto del COVID-19: Una Visión Desde Baja California, México

México por su vecindad con Estados Unidos es un país que presenta muchas dinámicas migratorias; es un país expulsor, de tránsito, destino y retorno

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Migrant Shelters under COVID-19: An Approach from Baja California, Mexico

México is a country that presents many migration dynamics due to its proximity to the United States (US); it is not only a source of migrants, but also a country of transit, destiny and repatriation.

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Global Problems, Local Pain: Coronavirus in Mexico and the Philippines

COVID-19, a virus one hundred times smaller than a cell, has pushed millions of people over the edge, and aggravated our dominant economic system. With both Mexico and the Philippines, both geographically distant but united by history, as of the 3 May, authorities reported 22,088 infections and 2,061 deaths in Mexico1 and 9,223 and 607 respectively in the Philippines.

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